Tips on becoming a Twitter Celebrity.

09 Jun

Ok…….now we all know that Twitter is no longer a social network……its way bigger than that. (Well…… least for some people). Twitter is a platform dedicated to various tasks

-Decompressing your mind
-Information circulation
-Media propagation
-sometimes, basically making a fool of yourself…………….amongst other stuffs.
Well nowadays, it’s evolved to a much intricate level that borders on the verge of insanity. The crazy thing about it is that, people have become way too concerned with their high ranking status on the site. Such people who actually attain such statuses are dubbed ‘’Twitter celebs’’. Now, don’t get me wrong……there is nothing wrong being a twitter celeb; it’s the lengths at which people go to attain it that baffle me. Some attain their status by good means….some attain it by crazy ones. All is dependent on how you see it. Being a twitter celeb isn’t that difficult. There are some steps that you can take…. (If you are that desperate for it), that would definitely guarantee you tons of followers and a lot of traffic on your TL.
1) Be a real life celebrity- Actors, singers, models, socialites…etc, never have to worry about being twitter celebs…….whether they like it or not, it is bound to happen.
2) Have a genuine cause- people who tweet on a singular topic on a constant basis. Sometimes, their handles are practical definitions of what they tweet about.
3) Talk trashy- a lot of peeps are good at saying some of the nastiest things online. Usually, people are attracted to such. Either it is due to momentary shock or pure entertainment, they keep following.
4) Be hilarious- Everybody loves a good laugh. Constantly supplying a good string of humor filled lines would guarantee you a high status.
5) Create a kick ass TT- usually; anybody from the above mentioned categories can also do that. TTs always create a string of discussion all the time.
6) Be a hot girl- Hot babes will always get followed………..Konji state of mind dictates so.
7) Fuck Odinabarbie with picture/video proof- Lets face it……anyone who can actually prove he banged the infamous Twitter slut will have major reps. both on and off twitter.
8) Tweet fights- initiate tweet fights with some of the most popular names on twitter and you will definitely get noticed.
9) Achieve the impossible- twitter has always been an area for new things. Try and do something no one has thought of and you are on our way to becoming Twitter’s Next Top Celebrity.
By the time you have finished reading this, you might ask yourself if I am a Twitter Celeb and if I have tried any of this. Well, first of all….. I am not one. (Although it won’t be a bad idea.) Secondly……I am an observer. Just stating the obvious tips……I don’t have to experience them. So if you are into that stuff, you might as well get it popping.
After all, Twitter is free……………Heb Cwyr™

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