Medusa’s Apprentice: Episode 1 (In Head We Trust?)

31 Dec

‘’Oh my God……oh………………….gooooooooooood!!!’’ cried out Bayo. Some people might have over heard him and thought he was in danger or most likely he had seen an horrific sight. The truth of the matter was that Bayo was in the throes of passion of pleasure. One who has a keen sense of hearing might hear those distinct gasps that only come from a man been straddled by a female and smile.
However, what no sound or sense of perception could tell anybody was that this female was the very combination of passion, pleasure, danger and horror. For starters, that was his girlfriend straddling him, it was a girl he met during a campus tour at UNILAG for his company that specializes in new innovations in mobile internet data that claims to hold more promising services than any Blackberry phone would. Despite his having a faithful girlfriend for the past 3 years, he couldn’t help himself when he saw her. Who could blame him? She wasn’t just easy on the eyes, she was a show stopper. 5 foot 8. 38-18-40, stunning face that could have proved to be Photoshop in reality and the most luscious of lips. She was definite knock out. After the usual chit chat, he proposed they hang out at a club he frequents. After a few drinks and some hours on the dance floor, she seductively whispered into his ear, ‘’I have a hotel room’’. Without so much as an after thought, he carted her away to the hotel. As soon as they got into the room, she promptly pushed him to the door, unbuckled his belt in a military manner, pulled down trouser and boxers at the same time and promptly gave him one of the most nerve racking blow jobs the universe has ever seen. His vocal cords were rendered numb for the exhilarating 6 minutes. When he regained ‘’consciousness’’, he asked her how she learned to do that. This was replied with a slap, a kiss and 3 joyous rounds of ‘’duvet Olympics’’. He slept like a baby afterwards. By the time he woke up, she was gone. As he is face rumbled in dismay, he saw a note that said,

‘’had fun with you. Love to do it again. Call me if you wanna be solid’’

and she wrote her number. His heart soared at this and saved her number instantly. This became a weekly escapade for the next 6 months. A girl who comes over, No chit chat, no drinks, no outing, no shopping and no money. Just hours, and hours of energetic sex. What more could a guy ask for? Just as he was enjoying another round of her world class blowjobs, his phone rang. He didn’t bother looking up…….but she did. Looking at the caller id, she smile ruefully and said… ’’It’s your future wife’’. Since it looked like she wasn’t going to continue, he mumbled something about interferences and answered the phone. I’m going to get a drink, she mouthed out. As she left the room, he talked into the phone.

‘’what is it honey?’’

‘’Bayo, my ATM card doesn’t seem to be working. The machine keeps telling me I have insufficient funds.’’

‘’that’s not possible’’ he said. ‘’I still deposited that N350, 000 this morning. How could it have been emptied? ’’

‘’I don’t know but I’m I dire need of cash right now. Please try and talk to Mahmud and see if this can be rectified immediately’’

Rubbing his face, he said ‘’all right. Talk to you soon’’ Ending the call, he wondered how this could have been possible. Just a glitch, he thought while dialing the bank manager’s number.

‘’Hello Bayo. Yayade? ‘’

‘’fine I guess. Except I’m not sure. I deposited some money in my account this morning and your ATMs are telling my girlfriend that there are no funds. Even before my deposit, I still had over N4 million in that account.’’

‘’ Really? Let me check’’ After some seconds and a few taps of the keyboard….

‘’Bayo, records show here that you withdrew all the money. In fact, the deposit you made this morning has been cleared out like 10 minutes ago’’

‘’WHAT?? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?’’ ‘’It was an online transaction. You made several deposits to an account in the same bank.’’

‘’whose? ’’

‘’well……..this seems weird. You deposited money in the account of…………..Nnamdi Azikwe!’’ Bayo was beyond confused and baffled. He dropped his phone while he pondered how this was possible? Who the hell is Nnamdi Azikwe? It dawned on him that he was a victim of fraudsters. He has to find the root of this matter. This girl would have to wait. By the way, where was she?? He dressed up and went to the reception of the hotel.

‘’Where is the girl I came with?’’

‘’Sir, she left some minutes ago’’

‘’Where to? ’’

‘’I do not know sir’’ It finally dawned on him what just happened. His heart missed a beat as he didn’t want to admit it to be possible. He went to her hall and asked where her room was. The porter promptly told him that no such person lives in that hall. He was furious. He went to the police station to report the incident. 30 minutes later, they were at the administrative block. After explaining to the registrar, they checked the school records. There was no such person in the school by that name. With a downcast mind, he drove home slowly. When he got inside, he saw his wife at the table.

‘’darling, there seems to be some issues with the account. I will try and ……………darling, what’s wrong?’’ She just sat there. Stock faced and rigid, it was like she wasn’t even breathing. As he approached the table, he saw pictures scattered on the table.

Pictures of the girl.

Pictures of the girl……….with him.

Pictures of the girl with him in the most explicit sexual positions.

Mouth gaping, he saw his world crumbling before his eyes. She looked into his eyes and asked him simply.

‘’are these forgeries or did this happen?’’

‘’darling……i..i….i can explain……….’’

At this, she went to their room. 5 minutes later, she was dragging her bags out and made a move for the door. He blocked her instantly saying……

’’please honey, I didn’t mean to do it. The devil used me. We will go for deliverance tomorrow. Please don’t go. God is in control’’. At this, she dropped her bags and delivered 2 Olympic styled slaps…..then proceeded to head butt him. Stunned…….and a little scared, he just laid there on the ground. She picked her bags and went to her car. in 3 minutes, she was in her car and driving out of his house.

Driving out of his life.

Shell shocked and confused, he kept crying out why this had to happen to him. His phone rang. He looked at the caller id and practically screamed. It was the girl. Why didn’t he think of calling her before? He picked it up.

‘’I just have 1 question for you. Why did you have to do this to me? Why? I thought we were just having fun. Why did you have to ruin my life?’’ After seconds of silence, she spoke :

’’Because its fun’’.

And she ended the call. He tried back again. The line was switched off. He tried pinging her……nothing happened. He was completely and utterly devastated.

Many miles away from Bayo’s predicament, she breaks the SIM card and takes a hammer to the Blackberry phone. Satisfied with its destruction, she hands over N20, 000 in cash to the guy who took the pictures and sent them to his wife. After he left, she smiled at her accomplishment. Half Belarusian, half Nigerian. She was equally lovely and lethal.

‘’I see you made great strides my dear’’

Turning, she gazed upon her teacher and mentor. A dastardly beautiful older woman. With hair hooks that looked like snakes. And a fashion sense that was beyond Milan itself. The woman was simply known to her as The Aunty.

‘’I’m glad you are pleased’’ The Aunty stood up and walked up to the girl and began caressing her hair. ‘’You’ve passed your test. Now we begin your full training, Kemi Zmir’’

P.S. :If you wanna see this series continue in 2012, lets get 30 good comments before Jan 1st. ———Heb Cwyr

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