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Here is a sneak of what to expect from this blog series. drop your thoughts at the end…..Heb Cwyr.

He looks at all 4 of them, puzzled beyond belief.
“Let me get this straight. You’ve been stalking
me like a psycho ex girlfriend, you tried to
drown me with some water bender
whatchamacallit right in my room, you on the
other hand keep looking at me like you either
wanna eat me or jump my bones and you
are…….you dude are just plain weird. and all
this is so you can find out if I’m the heir of
Oranmiyan? I’m having my life turned upside
down because of some myth? ”
Seyi has her doubts about him but one thing she
learnt at the temple is that appearances can be
deceiving. She nods towards Titi to speak. “Just
lets administer the cowries.” Titi says. “if you
are not who we seek, then we will leave you
“Sounds like what happens at the end of a one
night stand” He replies
“You would know about that wouldn’t you? ”
Seyi says while staring daggers at him. He backs
away from her because truth be told, despite
the fact he’s not easily frazzled, she scares the
shit out of him. “Ok, ok…..lets get this over
Titi reaches into her Fendi Bag and pulls out a
green sac similar to the type Scrabble pieces are
kept. “Spirits of the fathers of old…………show
what is hidden and what was told!” She flings
out the cowries at his feet.
20 secs….
40 secs……
1 min 10 secs…..
nothing happens.
He looks up at them with a smug look. “Well
thats it then. now if you’ll excuse me” He walks
to the door and opens it. ” I do hope you find
whoever you are looo…….”
The cowries are at his feet .
he moves to the right. they move right.
he moves to the left. they move left.
Oguntunde looks up at him. “Long live the
All four bow before him and shout. “Kabiyesi!”
He, of course, naturally faints.

Sneak Preview of Rise of the Trueborns.

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