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(Premiere!!) Rise of the Trueborns: Chapter 1

There are two realms known to man. They are AYE and ORUN. The physical and spiritual realm. Once in a while, these two realms congregate in the same space thereby generating certain powerful energies. Certain individuals have the ability to tap into these energies. Sort of like sentient heroes. They are called the Trueborns. Masters of the spiritual elements. Pure descendants of the Oduduwa bloodline. They are warriors of skill and dexterity.The story I’m about to tell you is of how i came to have the best summer of my life with 4 Trueborns.


*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*Somewhere in Orun Apadi, 3 years ago

It was a dark place. darkness……. a creepy kind of darkness. a darkness that seems to peel off every iota of positivity from you. No matter how much you try to shake it off, it seems to reinforce it’s resolve the more. It was agonizing. It was depressing. It was hell. This was where the unaccomplished and bearers of questionable character reside. Orun Apadi. Spiritual realm of the damned.

Every evil thing that you’ve heard of….it came from here. Mama one breast…..papa two prick…….the sugar man…..the dark man…….bush baby. You name it. they are all here. The bad, the terrible and the downright devastating.

The atmosphere here is always daunting. souls being compartmentalized into various sections like cattle. Those doomed to reminisce for the rest of their lies…..those who were scheduled for reincarnation……those who were billed to serve the Orishas of this realm. Various creatures roam around performing one duty or the other. In the midst of all this was a large castle. I guess this was where dracula got his specifications for Transylvannia. Saying it dispelled an eeire feeling was Guiness Book of Record qualifiably, the understatement of the millenia.

A figure approaches the the castle. people stumble away from him. this was not based only on an act of fear or respect. the forcefield surrounding him repels everyone within 10 feet of him. This was not a form of security for himself. Au Contraire. This was security for others. Don’t be fooled by his custom made ”Iro” touch from him could fill you with the vilest of diseases. With hiked shoulders and a stony resolve, Lord Saponna, One of the High lords of Orun Apadi, stepped into the castle.

Skulls, bats and wraiths lined the inner entrance of the castle. A group of pale people are huddled together feeding on a corpse. Yes, you guessed right. This is where ugly vampires are deported to. as various beings kept bowing and cowering in his presence, he solemly walks to the high doors that lead to the throne room. Like everything in this place, it was dark yet had an illuminating glow about it. despite it’s depression feng sui, it had this feeling it put on you that royalty resides here. one major description must not be forgotten about this place. It’s. As. Big. As. Fuck.     

             A figure sits on a throne. Yes lets call it a throne for terminology’s sake. It’s a throne like no other. It was similar to the Targaryan Iron Throne, only that this was made from a hard graphite looking material that was harder than iron. It was obsidian black, glossy and smooth with objects like skulls, various types of bones and jewels sticking out of odd places. It was like a group of royally dressed people hugged each other tightly on a stone and set themselves on fire. An endless flow of blood was oozing from the orifices on the throne yet they don’t seem to drench or stain the figure.

I guess this is what the white man would call contemporary art.
    ”I take it i’m punctual?” asks Saponna. The figure tilts his head sideways , starring at him, almost like a comic gesture.

    ” If that were so, wouldn’t we be three and not two?”
    ”i guess so” Saponna replies and sits at a supporting chair beside the throne. He may be a high lord but it goes without saying that he was in the presence of his boss.

            The figure stirred when he heard approaching footsteps. The chamber doors open and a heavily built man in a short red wrapper that looks more like a very small towel walks in. If Micheal Duncan Clarke and Terry Crews had a baby together, it would look ike this guy. The expression..”built like an ox” fits this guy snuggly due to the fact that he actually had horns as well. He was intimidating. As he approches the throne, he kneels before the figure

    ”My Liege! your guest has finally arrived”

            The figure nods silently once and the ox-man retreats through the chamber doors. The figure stands up in anticipation of his guest. The figure is 7 feet tall precisely with 8 packs and a skin tone of a Ghanaian/Hausa hybrid black. This dude could stain charcoal. Yet in his complexion, he is hauntingly beautiful. Well chiseled features, muscles in the right proportion, hazel brown eyes, jet black hair, feet of a footballer and buns of steel. He was dressed in a short wrapper like the ox-man except his was pure black. A cowrie choker necklace adorned his neck as well as cowrie bands on his wrists and ankles. He was barefooted. Despite his ensemble, he wasn’t gay. You couldn’t find a straighter orisha.

 This guy will make Adonis weep. At least, he makes every mother weep whenever they call his name needlessly for things he doesn’t even know about. He is the trickster turned custodian of all that is evil and fucked up. His name was Esu

           The chamber doors open again and in steps a regal entity. He was dressed in black robes made of the highest quality arabic silk. He had kohl lining his eyelids and brow. his hair, which was past shoulder length, was adorned with beads and jewels of various sorts. He had the most manicured nails you would ever see. He approaches the figure on the throne and they stare each other down. After a few seconds, Esu speaks.

    ”You look like a gay priest. I’m sure Persephone won’t approve”
    ”Oh don’t mind my garment, i was visiting Orisis for his birthday. He’s pissed you didn’t come by the way”

    ”He should hug the nearest transformer”

    ”Now, now…you know that just makes him horny”

They burst out laughing and hug each other.
”It’s good to see you Hades”

    ”Likewise Esu”
   Hades turns and sees Saponna. ”My contagious friend….how has fate been treating you?” Saponna smiles at Hades and replies.
    ”The fates are a bunch of twisted hags who have caused me to be bisexual”

Hades and Esu whip their head so fast to Saponna’s direction with shock on their faces. It is Esu who braves the question. ”Awe, exactly how did the fates make you bisexual?”

Saponna smirks and says..” because i have sex… myself”

All three burst into raucous laughter. Saponna seemed to be getting more humorous everyday. That used to be Esu’s nature……till that event occured.

Esu turns towards hades:

    ”do me a favor, remove this attire before you make my eyes fall off”

Hades smiles and snaps his fingers. Instantly, he is dressed in a black bikers costume. black shirt and jeans with leather jacket and boots as well as spiked collar. On the shirt is written ”Go Tartarus!”.
    ”Thats more like it.” said Esu. ”come, lets sit and discuss”

Esu snaps his fingers and a table rises out of the floor accompanied with three chairs, a calabash of palm wine, cups, meats of different assortment and a shisha lamp. ”Wow, you pulled out all the stops Esu. this must be serious”

    ”It is, my friends. come. sit. ”

As they sit, a lady appears suddenly and begins to pour out the palm wine for them into cups and starts a fire for the shisha. they fill their time with idle chit chat as the lady dispenses her duties. When she sees everything is in order, she turns to esu and says
    ” Will that be all my liege?”

Esu turns to hades and says….
    ”will you like her to pleasure you?”

Hades chokes on his bokoto and looks at him..
    ” For real?”

    ”of course. no pleasure is denied in my home.”

    ”well as tempting as the offer is, persephone seems to know when i’m shagging another girl so unless you want tartarus unleashed here, i’ll keep my pants on.”
    ”What about you Saponna?”
    ”she might be a wraith my lord, but she will still get cancer of the down under. My ‘konji’ is that potent”

    ”very well” said Esu. he turns to the lady and dismisses her. she disappears in a puff of smoke.

Hades suddenly turns to esu.
    ”Your message was very strange my friend. what did you mean by it is time?”

Esu puffs the shisha steadily like a man sorely lacking in vascular resistance. he slowly begins to release the trapped smoke whilst he stares at the ceiling. Once he’s done, he looks at his friend of thousands of years.
    ”I want to play a game.”

Hades pauses in mid sip and looks up while Saponna chokes on his shaki. Their eyes were glazed with excitement.
    ”a game?…do you mean….THE Game??”

    ”Yes friends, i want to play THE GAME……And this time……i want to play both sides”

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